Class Descriptions

While we welcome walk-ins, many of our classes do fill up and we suggest enrolling in class ahead of time to confirm your spot in class.

Late Policy: Students will not be admitted 5 minutes after the start of class. Please plan to arrive 10 minutes before the start of class.


Open level classes work with all skill levels. Students are given options to either progress into more advanced expressions of the poses, or to stay where they feel comfortable. While we strongly recommend that absolute beginners start with a few Basics classes before coming into the Open level, these classes are open to everyone.


Basics classes focus on fundamentals and the foundations of yoga poses. These are our beginners classes and also great for anyone coming back to yoga after not practicing for a while. Advanced yogis may want to drop in from time to time to check back in with the foundations of their practice.

YinYangYo – Power Vinyasa/Restorative Yoga

This special class is an hour and fifteen minutes. The first 45 minutes will consist of a Power Vinyasa flow to invigorate and warm the body as well as build strength; the last 30 minutes you will retreat into Yin and Restorative yoga poses to let the body and mind relax, unwind and detox from the week. We do not recommend this class for those new to yoga.

Stretch & Restore

This class is designed to relax busy minds, loosen up tight bodies and increase flexibility through gentle and functional movement, deep, long held stretches and poses coupled with Yin and Restorative-style yoga to make your body feel supple, flexible and relaxed. This class is ideal for athletes, suitable for beginners and good for anyone looking to relieve stiff, rigid muscles and joints.

Roof Deck Classes

In the spring, about 50% of our schedule will become outdoor classes and be held on our private roof deck. If a class is listed as an outdoor class, it will be held outside in temperatures of 66 degrees or higher. In colder or inclement weather, the classes will still be held but in our indoor studio. Classes listed as indoors will always be held inside.

Power Yoga

Power yoga classes are strength-based, quick paced and maintain a constant flow throughout the course of the hour. Advanced poses are offered and basic poses are not broken down. We do not recommend this class for those new to yoga.

Candle Lit Yin/Restorative Yoga

This class is based in long held poses using props to promote stillness, deep relaxation and passive opening throughout the body. The class begins with a few minutes of gentle movement and stretching before retiring into the restorative postures. This class is open to all skill levels and is a nice class to end the week or weekend.

Kids' Yoga Classes

Our kids' yoga classes will debut with a 10 week program where children will learn about techniques to regulate their nervous system, to listen to their bodies, to move their bodies to release energy and self-regulate, and to act from a place of love. Each class will be an hour long to allow time to settle in and then pack up with 45 minutes of instruction time.

Prenatal Classes

We do not currently offer prenatal classes. However, we have many expecting moms who take our Basics, Open level, Restorative and Stretch & Restore classes. Always let the instructor know you’re pregnant (even if it’s obvious, we never want to assume) and we will offer modifications and suggestions as needed throughout class. Contact us at for private prenatal sessions.